In math I am challenged in a lot of stuff. It is more advanced work of harder problem solving, place value, etc. For example, we are only in 3rd grade and we are learning fractions, decimals and percents. Sometimes it's really hard, but I keep pushing myself. Math in 5th grade is hard. We learn about Albert Einstein and how he made the fourth dimension. We learn about fractions decimals and percents. We learn so much to get ready for 6th grade but with Ms. White we do critical thinking. This helps me. I get quick reactions to figuring out problems and it is fun.

This is a hilarious comic. I really like from Calvin and Hobbes.

One of my most challenging math problem was when I went over to a friend’s house and he was trying to make a fort out of big giant boxes. We put blankets over the boxes to make it look cool. But the blankets would not stay. So, we tried to find something heavy but not bulky. Then we saw some books that were not that big but heavy and we were trying to make it look like a mountain so the books were like little slopes. So, we put the blankets over the boxes and the books on the blankets and it worked!

This is a math problem because my problem was that we did not know how to hold the blankets down. Our solution was that we put books [which were not bulky but heavy, weight is the main part of the problem] on the boxes.

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I used a just a little math to figure out how much rope to buy for my bird feeder lifter and for the directions to install it but it was a cool project, so check it out!
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