Hello my name is Ty. I like to play basketball, football and video games. My favorite food is pasta with ketchup.It is very unusual.My favorite subject is math. My favorite part about it is problem solving because it really makes your brain think.

Ms. Hengen how old are you and did you go to the winter carnival.
Wow Ty, pasta and ketchup?? I have never tried that! I eat ketchup with my carrots - try it, it is amazing :)
That is awesome that you love problem solving.
My name is Dionne Hengen and I am 21 years old but turn 22 right away. How old are you? I am 9 years old.
I have not gone to a winter carnival this year yet :( BUT in my home town, a movie is being shot and I am being an extra in a few of the scenes, how cool is that?
What is your favorite basketball team?

My favorite basketball team is North Carolina. What is yours?
What is the movie called?

The movie is called "Rust." I am not entirely sure what it is about but I do know that if this goes through with a good rating that they are going to film more movies there... Kind of exciting isn't it! Do you like drama? Yes, I like drama. When is the movie coming out.

Hi Everyone!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready for another great week. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Some great news here is that we actually got up to +4 degrees celcius!! WAHOO! Very wet outside but I am happthat spring is finally here!

My weekend was great! I had a basketball party for my team. It was fun.
Cool - was it like a wind up party for the end of your season? What position do you play? Anything new and exciting happening this weekend?
Yes it was a wind up party for the end of the season and I play forward.On the weekend I have baseball practice and church
Baseball starts already?! Wow!! I also have church on the weekend. I have to go visit my priest to get a letter signed.
What is the letter about?

Ms Jaclyn how old are you and how close are you to the north pole.