Here's the question Ms. White gave us:
A church had 2 pies and each was cut into sixths. They sold 10 pieces. What percentage did they sell?
I asked Ms. White if I could go to a place where you make a fraction and it gives you the percent. She said yes and I went there.
When I got there I typed in the fraction 10/12 because there was twelve pieces of pie. At first I thought the fraction would be 10/12 because they ate 10 pieces eaten out of the 12. My answer was 83.33.
But then I realized we were dividing by sixths because each pie was split into sixths, so then I put the fraction10/6 in. The fraction 10/6 equaled 166.66% and that is my answer.
Then I realized that my first answer was right because the denominator was 12 because 6+6=12 and the 2 pies where cut into sixths and they were trying to sell 12 pieces. So the is 10/12 and the percent is 83.33. So my instincts were right.