The Rotunda at the University of Virginia

Front of the Rotunda, Photo by Ty

The Rotunda at the University of Virginia is one of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest designs. It began being built in 1822 and was finished in 1826. It has been through a fire, rebuilt, and is still standing.

For more on the Rotunda and a Virtual Tour go to History of the Rotunda

Question 1: There are 6 round columns in the front of the Rotunda. There are 2/3 more on the back side. If you add up the number of round columns on the front and back you will get the number of round columns there are on each side. How many round columns are there on all sides of the Rotunda?

noah 10

Rotunda Side Walkway, Photo by Ty

Question 2: The front and back columns are 30 feet tall. The side columns are 10 feet tall. From what you already know, how many feet are all the columns combined?
Question 3: How old is the Rotunda?

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